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To provide high quality Mandarin Education
Oaktree offers a fully immersion mandarin program where your child will build mandarin proficiency, gain self confidence and learn independence in a spacious, comfortable, creative and carefree environment. We work to develop the child's ability to focus and coordinate body movements. Our children will learn to speak, write and read Mandarin. The learning is not limited to simple day-to-day dialogue and vocabulary, instead, they will learn to build complete sentences. They will use educational tools to learn nouns, verbs and adjectives. They will be able to read books and write their own stories (age appropriate). They will also learn to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and read out four digits in different combinations in Mandarin.
The Montessori approach
The prepared environment and the role the teacher plays in the classroom distinguish Montessori from other educational approaches. The teaching method is student centered. Particularly, the teaching materials can be divided into four regions:
  • Easy-to-use daily necessities
    Easy-to-use daily necessities are used to help children build self-confidence, hand-eye coordination and help cultivate independence. At the same time, these methods can also nurture a toddler’s attention to focus and a sense of order. Teaching tools such as dishing out the beans prepare students for writing Chinese characters in proper gesture. Specifically, we require students to hold the spoon the way pens are held. The direction they spoon the beans into the bowl is the same direction they will eventually write Chinese characters.

  • Sensory exercises
    Sensory exercises are designed to help children analyze things, improve judgment and their ability to distinguish objects. Teaching tools like cylinder groups are designed to aid students to be able to distinguish by size, weight or thickness. Meanwhile, their vocabulary can be enhanced through these exercises. Additionally, they also begin to comprehend various shapes, textures, sizes which will lay a solid foundation in the future.

  • Language teaching materials
    Mandarin is used as the only medium of instruction. In addition to the use of pictures, all teaching materials are carefully designed to help toddlers to learn Chinese character strokes, vocabularies, noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition as well as sentence composition.

  • Mathematics
    Mathematics is taught with the help of a group of very interesting and easy to grasp teaching tools. They can easily master the numbers from 1 to 1000. With the help of the four operational aids, they can quickly learn to add, subtract, multiply and division.

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