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The Founder and Principal
Having worked in the field of early childhood for over two decades, Zhong Lao Shi believes that the Montessori approach could help children develop their creativity, independence and leadership through classroom exercises.

Zhong Lao Shi hopes to offer our students the opportunity of developing to their strengths and potential. She believes the essence of education is to instill core ethics and values in our next generation as well as to inspire each of them to develop into an all-rounded individual. She will eschew the traditional mode of teaching from the textbook and will instead act as a role model in the classroom to facilitate the learning process. Recognising every individual develops at different rates, she will tailor the most suitable learning program for each student.

Zhong Lao Shi has more than 25 years of experience teaching children Mandarin and Montessori. She was a former senior Mandarin teacher at the International Montessori School and she established the Yellow River class, the only Mandarin-led Montessori class in Hong Kong. Prior to IMS, she taught at local primary schools for a decade.

Zhong Lao Shi holds Certificate of Formal Training at the world renowned training center of Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) in San Diego, the United States. She also holds the Hong Kong qualified preschool teachers certificate (QKT).

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